Allow your life to become light to live


I truly believe life is meant to be fun experience full of wonderful synchronicities 

even when challenges present themselves for us to grow.

My work and gifts allow me to see beyond obvious 

and to receive and channel valuable information and energy helpful for you

to create life you truly like.​

During session we will connect to Your own powerful guidance.

I truly look forward meeting you 

and offering you this unique experience where everything is possible even if it takes a while to get there. 

Receiving clarity and feeling better is all this is about.

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All sessions are done online as Energy and Truth know Time and Space but are independent of it so it doesn't matter in which corner of the world you're in we can have this wonderful opportunity to connect to your own guidance, received clarity, clearer direction, information,  inspiration, motivation, calibration, encouragement, confirmation and so much more.

I have successfully worked with people from all over the world. It's truly an experience that words come short to describe even if there are many. You have an opportunity to see it and feel it and allow it by Your Self.

Thanks for coming by and excited to meet and work with you soon!

With Love,





Maya has created wonderful life out of nothing and learned to navigate through seeming obstacles without feeling all the weight of the world or negative self talks.

She has deep understanding of the Law of Attraction, energy vibrations within words, emotions, thought patterns and the ability to shift all of those using unique and different solutions depending on where you are and what truly works for you.

She moved from Mediterranean across the ocean with almost nothing, became Canadian citizen, started her own thriving business, happily married and is enjoying being a mother. All the things she used to believe are either impossible or difficult to achieve.

Maya is now teaching and helping others as she believes you all have within the ability to transform your lives and with her help it may be quicker and easier than doing it all by yourself or following outdated methods that don't work for you. Maya loves solutions and ease and whoever comes to her sessions is guided to create a life of more ease and joy for themselves.

She found through her experience and work that getting yourself into a better feeling space around any subject brings solutions more effortlessly and quickly.  

Soul Communication offers an opportunity to transform your life in many ways and open up new doors for you whether it's about relationships, work, health, creativity, discipline, wealth

or any other aspect of life you can think of.

Maya Dove combines coaching with her Empathic, Highly sensitive and Psychic abilities, Mediumship, Energy calibration, Dream interpretation and more. She has been serving happy and loyal clients all around the world.

It is all done from the comfort of your own home - book online or get in touch to experience it for yourself. 


Check out what my clients have to say about the work I’ve done, and contact me today to see what I can do for you.
For privacy protection all photos used in testimonials are from online stock photo gallery
but words and experiences are true.
Come see for yourself!

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A.J. - Vancouver

Absolutely loved my reading with Maya!
She is a gem and a gift, explains everything so clearly and effortlessly without asking any questions,
helps to see the bigger and brighter picture, putting the puzzle pieces together.
Great reading, healing, inspirational and at the same time precise which is a rare combination. I know her predictions will come to pass! Thank you, Maya!!! Love & Light!

Portrait of a Lady

K.F. - Vancouver

She is wonderful!
Gave me loving and encouraging advice to do what is best for me, to listen to my intuition.
Thank you for your great insights.


R.J. - New York

I am speechless. Whenever I encounter deliverance on a deep profound spiritual level, I weep. Well, I cried like nobody’s business with Maya. She is next level. When I was searching for a psychic, I saw her profile and Spirit whispered, it’s her. She is in my psychic circle. She is my forever friend. My all time favorite. And I love her!!! I love you Maya.

Trendy Young Man

P.H. - California

Maya was fabulous, such a kind soul and everything she said resonated with me and actually gave me chills. I really enjoyed my session with her. It has helped me feel better and look forward to what's coming!

Smiling Young Man

S. S. - Chicago

Thanks Maya! I really needed the kick in the butt you gave me and your session made me feel so much lighter, happier and motivated. I finally feel more peace with where I am and am so excited to see what's coming next. See you again for sure.

Young Couple

B. - San Francisco

Loved my reading with Maya!!!
What a bright spirit she is! Loved her integration of energy work.
That may not be for everyone, but she is very open to tailoring the read to her client.
Thank you, Maya.
Looking forward to manifesting something "really huge" ;) xoxo, B

Happy Woman

M.C. - Calgary

I just LOVE having a session with you.
We always connect so wonderfully, I feel so rejuvenated afterwards. Things are coming along really well for me, I'm so glad I asked about what I did in my session, so helpful! You know even when I just think of you I can feel great energy. I'm so glad the universe brought you into my life.

Smiling Woman

D. E. - New Zealand

You and your work are amazing. Don't know how or why, but you helped me to come out of circle. Lots of love.

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R. C. - Calgary

I feel blessed for having you around. You gave me the greatest reading I ever had in my life. Thank you for being you!

Image by Vagelis Lnz

S.M. - Croatia

I asked Maya if we could do "shorter and cheaper" version of Soul Call and she said we can try and see how it goes. I love how open she is to meeting people where they are. But I did get my lesson, it was an hour into the session and questions just kept coming as answers to everything before were just so great to hear. Now I understand why timing and pricing are made this way and I appreciate her for knowing her work so well and standing by her standards. After the session everyone was telling me I look lighter and I truly feel that way. I also seen improvement in my sons behavior. Thank you!

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

R.J. - Vancouver

I felt really weird about myself and my life. Most of my family judged me for who I want to be and I didn't find lot of encouragement to follow my dreams to be honest. Someone told me about Soul Call session and I decided to give it a try and I am so happy I did. Not only did she made me feel heard but also recognized and accepted exactly as I am. I learned about idea of "limiting beliefs" and realized I did had some negative talk going on with myself. And this session kinda helped me get on track of appreciating my quirks and uniqueness. I am happier then I ever was! This session gave me some great inspiration on what to do next and how to change my way of seeing the world in me and around me.
Thanks a bunch!

Image by Karsten Winegeart

B. M. - Dublin

To be honest I was apprehensive a bit about this session as I don't consider myself a spiritual person. I'm very down to earth guy and love my martial arts and stuff. But I did have some issues with my ex wife and our daughter and my girlfriend visited Maya for sessions before so she encouraged me to give it a try. And I'm really glad I gave it a chance. It ended up not being "spiritually" at all. I told her what was bothering me and she gave me some new ideas on how to look at everything that has happened. She told me I will need to rest after the session and then after a week see some changes happen. She said something about loosening my resistance but I honestly had no idea what she means by that. I was so tired and slept and took lots of naps during the week after. And to my amazement things really did happen. Daughter I was worried about showed some significant improvement, I was finally able to let go of issues with my ex wife. I even got an opportunity to go back to college and get a new job that will allow me to do it easily. And it all happened so quickly and all at once I was blown away. I think that was what she meant. I still don't really know what she did exactly but it for sure brought many great things for me and I feel better than ever. Thanks for doing this and all the best to you Maya.

Image by Tamara Bellis

A. A. - Dublin

I came to see Maya and wasn't really sure what we'll be talking about. I visited her sessions before so I knew she will find a way to get most urgent or important things out of me. I just kept getting "Get in touch with Maya" over and over in my mind. I texted her and she told me I would benefit from the session and that she feels the sooner the better if I want to use the opportunity to get what I want. That's why I love working with her because sometimes I get so busy with life that I feel like I can't even think straight and she somehow right away knows what to do. I booked a session few days later and as we started to talk I told her about the house me and my partner tried to buy for quite some time. But papers from the bank and some other things kept getting postponed. Nothing was working out. We were getting discouraged and already started planning moving in with my partners parents till everything with a house resolves or we find another place to live. We we're not so happy about that option to be honest. We had about 3 weeks to move out of the current apartment and find a solution and I was slowly losing my mind and patience. Anyway, as the session started Maya told me house got offended. Say what?! At first it was weird to hear that but as she talked me through, everything started making sense. She was so on point about everything I was saying and thinking about that house. As the session went I felt some things happen as my body just relaxed more and more. She gave me some interesting new ideas about the whole thing. At the end she just smiled as she always does and said it's not a hundred percent sure but something will happen in about 3 or 4 days and gave me some advice on what to do meanwhile. It was Thursday or Friday when I visited and really next week Tuesday I got the call from the bank saying everything is approved and went through and the house is finally ours!!! I mean if that just isn't amazing I don't know what is! I am always happy to book a session because the cost is about the same as for a visit to a psychologist but she brings some really interesting perspectives and ideas and solutions that are a bit wacky but they WORK! Maya, thanks for being here and I appreciate your help so much! I learned how to respect my house, how to care about it and it came! I really don't believe it would be this good without your help.

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A.D. - Vienna

I actually know Maya from before but I never tried her sessions. I probably wouldn't have but one day I felt to send her a message and tell her how much I'm enjoying her positive and encouraging posts and she reached back out to me and said she thinks I may be ready for a session soon and I will know when the time comes. I didn't really thought much about it but ever since she mentioned it I kept getting this weird dreams and things happening to me that reminded me of my dad who passed away and some other strange stuff was coming up. I wasn't sure what to expect but I just went with it. When the session started first thing she said to me "Did you notice how we talked in our minds? Have you had any unusual dreams or events that took place between the time I called you to a session and now?". And I just couldn't believe but ALL of it was so true! She was bang on point with everything and it all made so much sense. We talked about my dad who passed and she brought some interesting information about it all. She also mentioned things about my physical challenges and during the whole session helped me see everything in a different way. I relaxed about house work, my physical pain, my ex...  Some of the things she said maybe didn't make sense to my mind but I felt my whole body relaxing and me being happy about some new ideas on how to look at things that happened in my life and how I see myself. There were lots of things that happened in the session that felt like "Aha! I knew it! I seen it too". Everything just made SO much sense. I can say that for the first time in years my physical pain was gone just like that. I felt okay with taking more rest and doing things the easy way. I even noticed that things that made me go "ughh" before were not as irritating as they used to be. I also didn't had bad feelings about my past relationship that used to seem like I can't get away from. Most of the things she mentioned really came true. I felt better and things just started happening out of the blue! I met a great guy, my business started growing, my body feels better then ever. I am really glad she convinced me to come and next time I won't think twice about it. Whenever I feel confused or bad about life I will be happy knowing she is there to give me a little boost, reminder or new perspective that will help me thrive. Even though right now I feel invincible and great things keep rolling for me. It's not that I don't have a bad day but it just goes by so quickly and I come back to enjoy myself and everything about my life with more ease and more quickly then before. Thanks Maya and keep up the great work that you do. I hope many people will come to you and realize things that will help them feel better in many different ways. I'm so lucky to have you around and wish you all success in your business.

Image by Štefan Štefančík

J.S. - Croatia

I was a person that felt like I couldn't breathe and one step away from jumping. And in that space there were some people that told me satisfaction comes from blending in, following the "rules". Those are not the people that have touched my soul and got me going into a direction that felt good. On the other hand I had an opportunity to meet Maya and felt strongly pushed to go to her session. I had no idea why but she felt so genuine, so true to herself and in touch with her own Soul and I guess I wanted to feel how that feels like. And it was almost unbelievable how she touched my soul as soon as she started talking. I felt seen and recognized. I felt like my soul could only hear another true soul and no one else. It helped me decide not to take that jump into darkness but instead pulled me what felt like into a much lighter space. I feel like I found a piece of me I was looking for and making a step that moved me into something new and exciting. 
Thank you Maya for doing this and being You. You inspire me to live and to focus on living life with more joy and for that I will forever be grateful.

Image by Omid Armin

M.K. - Berlin

I love all things spiritual so I was pretty excited to try this "Soul Call". Spirituality has helped me a lot throughout life but I have also seen some downsides to it. I couldn't really put my finger on what exactly made me feel so tired and unhappy lately and whatever way I tried to help myself it didn't really work. This session helped me feel better about everything in my life! Things she was saying made SO much sense even though it was different from things you usually hear out there in spiritual world. Different ideas about grounding or chakras or what I thought about my own feelings. In my heart I felt how right the words are and it brought so much clarity and sense of fresh air. I started a session feeling a bit down and hesitant as to how this will help but I left absolutely thrilled and excited! All along the session I felt goosebumps and this high energy flowing. I highly recommend checking it out and see what it brings for you.

Image by Prince Akachi

C.W. - Calgary

I was starting my own business and felt a little bit overwhelmed by everything. I knew my confidence could use a boost so friend recommended to come and visit Maya for a session. I am very happy that I did! Session blew my mind. It confirmed a lot of things I was thinking myself but was doubting them. My confidence definitely received the boost that I was looking for. It also brought some interesting new ideas on how I can market my business so it was win-win in both how I feel and what I will do in the future. I love how easy going the session was and even though I didn't knew exactly what to ask, Maya walked me through it like a pro. Thanks girl and see you again when I need some help or boost!

Image by Thái An

M.L. - Toronto

I heard about Maya and her work online and felt strongly guided to come and talk to her. As if I knew she had some answers for me I was trying to find. What I love about all of this is that you don't even have to know what to ask or how to ask. She is very gifted in asking the right questions and lead you into the direction you needed to go. I realized some of the things that were bothering me and it changed the way how I see them. It was like I became friends with things I used to have so much anger towards and was uncomfortable to talk to anyone about it. I'm pretty shy person and more introvert but Maya has made me feel relaxed and okay about who I am and what I am going through and it made a world of difference for me. Thank you so much!


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